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At Blackwood Barbers, we go beyond just offering premium products – our commitment extends to providing a comprehensive grooming experience that meets your every need. Our skilled barbers are equipped with the knowledge and expertise to deliver personalised grooming services that cater to your specific style goals. Check out our full range of services below.
Note: All our haircuts include an open blade neck shave and refreshing hot towel scalp massage.


    Get a stylish and tailored haircut that enhances your overall look and boosts your confidence.

    From $45

  • Clipper Cuts

    Achieve a clean and precise look with professional-grade clippers.


  • High School Cuts

    Stand out among your peers with a fresh and trendy haircut that reflects your personal style and individuality.


  • Kids Cuts

    Treat your little ones to a fun and comfortable haircut experience, leaving them looking adorable and feeling great.


  • Zero Fade

    Experience a seamless transition from short to long hair with a zero fade haircut, offering a sleek and modern aesthetic.


  • Skin Fade

    Opt for a skin fade haircut to achieve a polished and edgy look, with a gradual fade that blends into the skin.


  • Beard Trim

    Maintain a well-groomed and neatly shaped beard with our expert beard trimming service, enhancing your facial features.


  • Face Shave

    Indulge in a luxurious shave that provides a close and smooth effect, leaving your skin feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.


  • Premium Face Shave

    Treat yourself to the ultimate grooming experience with our premium face shave, combining expert techniques and soothing products for real comfort.


  • Facial, Eyebrow,Nostrils or Ear Waxing

    Enhance your grooming routine with our professional waxing services, ensuring a clean and polished appearance in key facial areas.

    From $15

  • Grey Camouflage Colour

    Transform your appearance and effortlessly conceal grey hair to provide a natural, youthful look.


Visit Blackwood Barbers Mitchelton

Blackwood Barbers Mitchelton is a full-service barber shop experience offering top cuts, shaves and grooming services in Brisbane. Located only a short walk from Mitchelton Station and just north of the CBD, we’re easily accessible to most of Brisbane for those that need a haircut in a dash.

Need a haircut? We’ve got you covered with professional products and styling advice to help you find the cut that’s meant for you. Our trained barbers are experts at their craft and will be able to see what cuts meet your needs and will help you look amazing. Alongside their knowledge, they use the best products and can provide advice on hair maintenance to keep your hair looking amazing until your next visit.

Want a shave or need a touch of grooming for your beard and mo? Our barbers are on deck to give you the shape up or shave you desire. Their skills go hand in hand with the industry-grade materials they use, ensuring your skin is smooth and helping avoid pesky shaving aftermaths such as ingrown hair or razor burn.

Our barbers are experts at their craft and have the skills to offer you the best cuts from classic styles to current trends using only the highest quality products and blades. To assist our barbers’ skills, we provide a fantastic range of products for home maintenance for any skincare, grooming and styling needs. Our knowledgeable staff will be able to give you expert advice on which of our products will suit your needs and help you save time and money, while looking good.

A little fact about the suburb of Michelton. Did you know?

Mitchelton is a historic suburb north of Brisbane, named after the Mitchell family who emigrated from England during the 1850s. Blackwood Barbers calls Blackwood Street (see the connection?) home, with the street offering many great shopping options and even a monthly market.

It’s very easy to get to Mitchelton, whether by car or public transport! Samford Road runs right through the suburb, providing easy car access to most of Brisbane. Mitchelton Station offers even faster connections, with trains getting you to Brisbane CBD in under 20 minutes.

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It’s time to take the first step towards looking and feeling your best. Our team of expert barbers are ready to help you achieve your dream look with exceptional grooming services and high-quality products. From haircuts to shaves and everything in between, get ready for the ultimate personalised grooming experience.