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MUHLE 4 piece Shave Set, Black Fibre, with Gillette® Fusion™

MUHLE 4 piece Shave Set, Black Fibre, with Gillette® Fusion™

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This shaving set offers a combination of aesthetics and functionality. The high-grade resin and chrome accents provide a polished and luxurious look, while the choice of materials like Black Fibre for the brush head and compatibility with Gillette Fusion cartridges ensures a quality shaving experience. 

    Shaving Brush:

      • Material: The handle of the shaving brush is made of high-grade resin with chromed metal accents.
      • Brush Type: It features a shaving brush with Black Fibre bristles.
      • Brush Size: The shaving brush head is of medium size with a 21 mm ring.
      • Material: The razor handle is also made of high-grade resin with chromed metal accents.
      • Razor Type: It's a 5-blade razor compatible with Gillette® Fusion™, Fusion™ ProGlide, and SkinGuard cartridges.
      • Blade Guard: A plastic blade guard is included to protect the razor blade during storage and travel.
    Soap Dish:
      • Material: The soap dish is made of metal and is chrome-plated.
      • Material: The stand is also made of metal and chrome-plated.

    Materials and Their Properties:

    • High-Grade Resin: This is a high-quality synthetic material known for its ability to be processed into a wide range of modern and classical designs, available in various attractive colors. It's durable and has an appealing finish.
    • Black Fibre: The shaving brush bristles are made of synthetic fibers that resemble natural badger hair in terms of softness and dark color. They are known for producing creamy lather and are vegan-friendly.
    • Gillette® Fusion™ Razor: This razor system features five blades stacked one above the other, with a precision edging blade on the back of the cartridge. It provides a close and gentle shave, and its cartridges are widely available.
    • Plastic Blade Guard: The blade guard made of plastic is used to protect the razor blade and prevent cuts when storing the safety razor or when traveling.
    • Metal and Chrome-Plating: The soap dish and stand are made of metal and then chrome-plated. Chrome-plating provides corrosion resistance, durability, and a luxurious shine.

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