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Experience the ultimate in wet shaving with our MUHLE PURIST BRIAR WOOD 3-PIECE SHAVE SET. Crafted with premium materials and expert artistry, this luxurious set features a silvertip badger hair brush for a smooth lather, a classic safety razor for a precise shave, and a beautiful briar wood handle for a touch of elegance to your grooming routine.

The 3-piece shaving set is a high-quality and luxurious shaving kit. Here's a breakdown of its components and some additional information:

  1. Shaving Brush:
    • Material: Silvertip badger hair is used for the brush head.
    • Size: The brush head has a medium size with a 21 mm ring that can be unscrewed.
    • Description: Silvertip badger hair is highly regarded for its softness and water-retaining ability, allowing for a dense, creamy lather. The brush head is handcrafted, with even black bands running through the predominantly silvery gleaming hair. The semi-circular shape is created by hand during binding, eliminating the need for trimming and maintaining the natural softness of the hair.
  2. Safety Razor:
    • Description: This safety razor is compatible with classic razor blades. Safety razors are known for providing a close shave and lasting results. Unlike modern blade systems, the head of the safety razor does not move. To replace the blades, you can unscrew the cap. Replacement blades are available from various retailers.
  3. Stand:
    • Material: The stand is made of metal and is chrome-plated. It is designed to hold both the shaving brush and the safety razor, keeping them neatly organized and easily accessible.
  4. Material - Briar Wood:
    • Description: The handles of the shaving set are made from briar wood, a material often valued for its use in fine tobacco pipes and inlay work. This wood is sourced exclusively from the Erica arborea plant, which grows in Mediterranean regions. The wood is processed by cooking it, which helps develop its beautiful reddish to brown coloring. The sections free of cracks and inclusions are carefully sanded into shape, stained by hand, waxed, and polished to create unique and valuable items.
  5. Chrome Accents:
    • Description: The set features chromed metal accents, which add a luxurious and corrosion-resistant finish to the product. The chrome-plated accents enhance the overall aesthetic of the shaving set.
  6. Measures:
    • Dimensions: The dimensions of the shaving set are 100 mm x 141 mm.
    • Weight: The set weighs approximately 370 g.

Made in Germany

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